Traditional English Bread (bloomer, farmhouse or sandwich tins)

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White, Cotswold flour in 400g
White, Cotswold flour in 800g
Wholemeal, 100% wholemeal in 400g
Wholemeal, 100% wholemeal in 800g
Granary, 100% crunchy granary flour in 400g
Granary, 100% crunchy granary flour in 800g
Rolls, available in white, wholemeal and granary
Speciality Rolls, available in ciabatta, focaccia and demi baguettes

Speciality Breads

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French Baguette, made with a French flour
Rustic Baguette, made with a French flour with a rustic look
Roasted Onion, Cotswold white flour bread with roasted onions
Date and Mixed Nut, a bread full of flavour & ideal for cheese board
Sourdough, Unique flavoured white textured bread
Red Onion and Cheese, a white bread with red onion & cheddar chee
Olive Bread, a textured bread with olives
Focaccia, a textured bread with herbs & olive oil
Ciabatta, a light Italian white bread
Sundried Tomato, a textured bread with sundried tomatoes

Sweet Breads

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Spiced Fruit Bread, mixed fruit , mixed peel and spice
Brioche, a tinned sweet bread